Fly 53VG

You have just landed at the Salmon Farm Airport - 53VG. This is a private use turf airstrip. Useage is at your own risk. From time to time this page will get updates from the flight line about field conditions, the maintenance crew about the aircraft based here, the airport manager is around (occasionally) to let you know of recent visits and activities, and once in a great while, the staff from the the Salmon Farm Inn leave a note here to announce special events of their own.


KMFV 310655Z AUTO 07003KT 10SM OVC006 09/08 A2996 RMK AO2 T00890080

Pattern Instructions

The Salmon Farm (53VG) airport - (really just a private grass airstrip) - is located aproximage 2.5 nautical miles south west of Accomack County airport (KMFV).

53VG has right traffic for runway 21 to maintain separation from traffic departing KMFV. The pattern altitude at 53VG is 600 ft AGL. Both airports use the 122.8 CTAF.

53VG does not support night operations.

Watch for road traffic on the aproach end of runway 21.

Airport Diagram

53VG airport diagram

click diagram for larger image

NOTE: RWY21 is right traffic and there are poles along the road with a 300' gap.



The local electrical company (ANEC) has installed new powerlines along the road. The new poles are aproximately 40 feet tall. The lines are burried 150 ft either side of the runway centerline.

Approaches from the north and departures to the north should maintain accurate runway heading until at least 100 ft AGL before the customary drift to avoid flying directly over the neighbor's house.

The runway edges - the extreme left and right five feet - are less improved as this is the transition to the active farming soil.

RV Hotel

Are you an RV pilot (or a Stearman Pilot) and need a stop over? The Salmon Farm has space and the kitchen is always open. KMFV is just a 10 minute drive for those wanting a 4000' paved runway. Please drop an email before showing up at the door just to make sure someone will be here to greet y'all! The email address is at the bottom of the page.

There is one well furnished room on the first floor (completely handi-accessable). There is also a bunk room on the second floor with a communal space and open floor plan - one double, one XL twin, and one queen air mattress.

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